Week 21– The Killers of Time

O.G. Mandino in scroll 5 shares the hazards of the “killers of time”.  Let’s zero in on these snipers, see how they utilize their resources in our lives and how we can terminate their future endeavors.

The first “killer of time” is procrastination. It is putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.  An example is doing the weekly blog.  It is so easy to have distractions pulling you away from focusing on the assignment.   Often we make an excuse that we are “multi-tasking”.  However your brain is going crazy if this is actually true. You’re forcing your brain to spend time and effort loading and reloading content over and over again. That’s why it’s possible to spend an entire day multi-tasking but get nothing accomplished.  You feel exhausted because you’ve used all of your brain energy switching instead of making progress in your daily goals.  Whatever you don’t finish you procrastinate to the next day.

The next “killer of time” is doubt.  Doubt is being uncertain about a situation, questioning or hesitating to believe, distrusting the nature of something or feeling uncertainty about the truth.  When these doubts storm your brain they slow up production, create a blockage to team effort, and can initiate anxiety.

The last “killer of time” is fear.  Fear is something that causes feelings of dread, an anticipation that something unpleasant might occur, or your own personal self-talk trying to convince you that you can’t do something.  Fear cripples your self-esteem and confidence, which destroys the reality that you can be successful.

Now let’s look at how we can eliminate those “killers of time”.  Procrastination can be destroyed by building the individual’s focus.  There are several ways to build your focus.  First, re-commit to your tasks by creating some sort of reward system that binds you to finish the task before you get started.  There are programs on the internet that visually show you the importance of doing a given task.  You need to write down what you want to get done in a realistic amount of time.  Then set a timer for the given time and turn your assignment into a game, where you are competing against the timer.  Eliminate your ability to do anything else during the set time but that task.  Remove anything that might distract you from dong this task.  Block your various websites while you are focusing on the task at hand.  Turn off the T.V. or any misleading music that could get your mind thinking on other thoughts.  Use a distraction sheet where you write down what is distracting you.  This helps you get back into your work and your brain begins to refocus.  Practice mediation once a day for training your mind to focus on your breathing.  Once you’ve mastered this technique you can then move on to other things to focus on.   Next inform your family that when you are in your office with a sign on the door saying “study time”, you are not to be interrupted, visited by other people who might want you to do things for them, or to give you your cell phone to answer a call.  You have to rule your mind or your mind will rule you.  Once your focus is in check then your procrastination habit will gradually disappear and you’ll replace it with action, which is performance along with completing accomplishments.

Doubt is buried under faith.  In order to remove the doubt habit you need to predicate positive affirmations.  You do this by putting the affirmations on note cards and post them in visible spots throughout your house.  You need to associate with only positive people; ones that will build and support your efforts.  As your faith and confidence is formulated, your doubt will liquidate.

Fear is dismembered with confidence.  Confidence is built by being successful, not merely by an accumulation of riches, but through  formulating  ideas.  An idea that will spark the individual’s interest and is something that he is willing to strive for; becomes his passion, a definite fixed purpose.  Through this process, crippling fears get erased and confidence expands by seeing the idea come to manifestation.

You have a choice of being complacent with the “killers of time” or waking up cherishing each hour of the day; knowing it can never be returned. Its value is beyond price.  Recognize too, the importance of pushing yourself beyond yesterday’s limits and being more prosperous is the key to fighting off the possible future “killers of time”.  Prove your love by figuring out what the person you intend to become would do next?

Week 20 –Slaying Your Dragons

In mythology the dragon is the most challenging, ferocious, and intimidating creature. It is the beast that symbolizes all the things that has made you believe that you can’t do certain things, the “shall & shall nots”, the fears that keep us enslaved and the obstacles of life. When we go on the Hero’s Journey each of us must face our individual dragons; we must slay them before we can continue on the journey.

What were the things that I was told I could not do which became my terrorizing dragon? The things were centered around gender controversies. At that time I was not confident enough to be confrontational about the unfairness of the educational system.   For example, girls were not able to take auto mechanic or wood shop classes in my high school.  Neither did the girls get to compete on a basketball, soccer, or softball team.  The girls had no opportunity to earn a letter in their sport or get to have the pride in wearing a school uniform.  Girls were guided toward certain careers. They were told that they couldn’t be a police officer, a fireman, or an electrician even if the girls had skills and abilities equal to the boys!

The dragon in the hero’s journey is covered with scales and on each scale it was written “thou shall or thou shalt not”.  Implementing these principles is a continuous struggle-a debate with your inner self; intellectually trying to figure out which scales can enrich your life and motivate improvement.  You also needed to determine which scales are deteriorating your life. Those scales must be discarded.

Now let’s look at the one thing that keeps people from the mountain top or keeps them feeling small rather than allowing them to present their genius to the world.  It’s their fears or more dragons.  Fear is anything that “gets to you”.  It is like a beast or a monster.  Fear is feeling rejected or not having people return your business phone calls.  Fear that is not faced has a tendency to multiply. It moves through your experiences and it starts to toxicant your perceptions.  If we fear disaster, disaster can be the result of our thinking, along with the fear of coming calamity.  We can then agree with Job, “The thing I feared has come upon me”. Fear is an inherent part of life. It’s not about getting rid of fear, the issue is to have the courage to move forward in spite of the fear you feel.  Courage is dealing with your fear. No one would be courageous without confronting their own fear.  It is getting up after you’ve fallen and trying again.  It is exploring the unknowns; doing something that people think is impossible.

Slaying dragons can also include breaking the obstacles in our lives.  For example, how do we handle difficult assignments at work, difficult conversations with loved ones, or something we are resisting?  Do we panic, leave it, and run the opposite direction?  Instead of running away from these dragons we need to have a final face to face with them.  Take your sword and annihilate them, for after all, you are the hero on your journey.


Week 19–My Journey to Find Joe


Going on the journey to “Find Joe” is a figurative way of discovering the hidden you.  This mythical adventure involves the theme called the “Hero’s Journey”, which was brought into existence by Joseph Campbell.  He did a great deal of research on the mythologies of the world and came to the conclusion that they all had a predominant perception for finding the meaning for existence.  This discovery involved four basic principles:  (1) the Call to Adventure, (2) Initiation, (3) Separation, and (4) the Return.  So open the door with me and come join the adventure to “Find Joe”. Don’t hesitate, for when the door closes the opportunity for growth will too.

The call to adventure will involve many facets. It could involve a vision where the Omnipresent Creator is showing you a path to follow. It could be like Joseph Campbell stated that “the call to adventure signifies that destiny has summoned the hero…”  A good illustration of this call is like a cell phone ringing-asking you to step out and live your journey. You have a choice: you can decide to ignore the call, like you’ve done with many other calls in the past, or pretend that the call never rang because there is no voice mail.  But ironically, just like a doctor’s reminder call, it will keep coming back until you answer the call.  The call often comes in the depth of despair, losing a job, getting fired, getting a divorce, having your house foreclose on. These things are not what we would design for ourselves but are necessary at times to trigger us into the next version of our self or discover something new personally.  Disastrous situations can happen to even good people and when it does they are unbelievably astonished and are confused as to why it is happening to them.  The answer to this question is: the Universe just upended your world.  Really hearing the call and being willing to follow this new adventure is a risk, but one worth pursuing.   However, you have to come to the point when you finally say you’ve had enough. You don’t want to listen to your parents, your boss, or other people who try to control you.  You have to make a choice to: (a) surrender being a victim and seeing no way out, (b) agree to fundamentalism, which is giving someone else permission to be in charge of your life, (basically you just want this person to tell you what to do and you will do it),  (c) recognize you have an alternative and you can be responsible for your life. You can be the hero for your own journey.

The next principle is Initiation, which is the acceptance of adult status in one’s culture or society.  In the hero’s journey the individual acquires his initiation by going through the darkest forest or the unknown at the edge of the world.  The community doesn’t understand why the hero (which is you) would need to go into the forest.  Why can’t you be happy where you are now?  But deep inside you is a urge to go explore. You decide to go forward no matter what. You make a vow to yourself that you must go into the forest even though there is no pathway and it is pitch dark. Each individual must go into the forest solo; they can’t follow anyone.  Each individual must find their own entry and you can’t go on a pre-made path.  If you follow someone else’s path then it isn’t your path nor your own initiation.  You need to find your own path to discover who you really are beyond the narrow confines of how you’ve been conditioned, told to do things, or were raised. You need to explore for yourself what your truth is and how you are going to forge ahead.  Death in a mythical story is in reference to change taking place.   One of Joseph Campbell’s followers put it this way: No death= no life, No death= no transformation, No death= no change.  The old form has played itself out and there is no use for it anymore.  The new form that will replace it will have new instinct meaning that will make your life more tremendous. The future is the prospect of coming in terms with that self.  An example of this is Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  She had to confront her inner barriers and learn how to claim her own inner resources.  She had the ability to get back home, but she didn’t mobilize it until she went through all the challenges of initiation where she tested her skills.

The third principle is Separation which happens with the call to adventure. You separate yourself from the wishes of your family and friends to discover who you really are, what are your dreams and aspirations.  What are your desires, your passions, and future goals? You give yourself permission to be the new you- to love and accept this person; to align yourself with the universe and end the war going on inside of you.

The final principle of the Hero’s journey (to Find Joe) is the return.  The ultimate end to the journey is giving back the essence of your journey.  It’s sharing your story to invite others to make this same journey.  It is coming back with something different than what you started with.  Life is making a difference to others.  Use your passion to help others and give your light of kindness to everyone.

You can’t give up; you need to take risks and be transparent for others to see the hero’s journey and to “Find Joe”.


Week 18–The Recipe To Obtain The Things You Desire

Just as when you bake or prepare a new dish for dinner, a “recipe” is a tool to be successful in your endeavors and is needed to obtain the things you desire.  The four ingredients needed in this recipe are:  (1) original thoughts, (2) the Law of Attraction, (3) the power of giving, and (4) giving your self-permission.

Let’s add our first ingredient into the bowl of life: original thoughts.  Original thoughts are creative and are around the things you desire.  The thoughts come from our subconscious.  They are the blueprint of our principles and our ambitions.  Just like our heart, the subconscious never sleeps. By stating specific deeds to be accomplished; forces are set in motion that lead to our desires. Besides the subconscious awareness, the process of visualization, where you see the picture of your dreams come next. You see the details beginning to unfold, the ways and means for bringing your visions into reality.  It is also essential to hold in your mind the next step necessary for your aspiration to continue to evolve.

Now let’s stir in the Law of Attraction.   The Law of Attraction isn’t bringing the things you should like, the things you wish for, or what someone else has designed for you.  The Law of Attraction brings us things we have created by our own thought processes. We have to concentrate on the things we desire.  By learning the simple process of governing our thought forces, we help create the events that will occur in our lives in the future.  Educated desire is the most influential means of bringing into action the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is like baking powder which activates the other ingredients making a delightful treat, and  is a creative force behind every manifestation.  Everything we get comes to us by the Law of Attraction. An example of this is when we think of a kindness that we want to show someone else.   The kindness can’t be executed if the subconscious is having a melt-down.  The subconscious has to go through a conversion in which the material needed for this kindness is  brought  by the Law of Attraction.

The next ingredient to add to the bowl of life is the power of giving, which is found within.  We can’t receive what we desire until we give to others.  The channel becomes blocked, stopping us from our endeavors.  Our effectiveness is contingent upon the proper use of the abilities already within us, which must be given to others according to their needs.  You will experience much pleasure in dispensing this joy without expectation of reciprocity because you know that you are in the dynamic flow of giving.  By giving, you too will receive.

Now let’s stir in the last ingredient, which is giving yourself permission to meet your “Future You” and to enjoy your desires.  My background was that I lived in a military household where my dad gave the orders and everyone else implemented the commands.  Dreaming, Visualizing and Thinking of your own personal desires never came into the picture very often.  I did things to please others, not to enhance myself, as this attitude had been instilled in me as selfishness. This week in several of my mediation sits I realized that I hadn’t given myself permission to meet my future me.  I hadn’t accepted the fact that it’s alright to dream, to dig deep at looking at my desires from a realistic perspective instead of a fairy tale.  I looked at my desires for the future and for now. I visualized what it would be like to have my desires met.  At that point I gave permission to myself to dream, to open the door to my desires, and to welcome my future me. This transformation is like finishing the recipe and enjoying the exotic dinner or the delicious warm peanut butter cookie.  Both items are enjoyable and satisfying because you’ve accomplished a great feat.

Copy this recipe my friend, start creating and savoring the things you desire.


Have you ever been in prison not an actual city jail, but mentally been trapped in bondage, confined to an abusive belief system of weakness, self-belittlement, fear of failure, or a predominantly negative force weighing on you?  Break out of these horrible chains and realize the joy of overcoming. You do have a choice!  Let’s look at three processes of the mind that need to be refurbished if the chains are going to be demolished.

First let’s consider mental effort and what’s involved in this conversion. There needs to be a new continuous concentration being fabricated where your thoughts are focused on the process of dissolving your old blueprint and obliterating the negative force that is paralyzing the future you.  Your concentration should be so intrigued and so engrossed in your thoughts as to be conscious of nothing else. This relentless concentration leads to intuitive perception and the insight to a solution or action that needs to be taken.  This only occurs with the execution of patience, persistence, persevering, and a well regulated flow of thought. Also you have to develop the skill of controlling your thoughts through the use of the Law of Substitution.  If a negative thought enters your mind quickly replace it with a fond memory, pleasant thought or even to think about God.  Besides understanding the importance of concentration, you have to understand the mental action of change.   Every thought is a cause and every condition is an effect. The world within is the cause and the world without is the effect.  To create change which is necessary in the situation above you must change the cause.  Often we try to change the effect by changing one form of distress for another.  To remove the chains you must remove the cause which is found only in the world within.

Second process is the attitude of the mind which depends on what we think.  We build strength, vitality, constructive forces, achievement, and all possessions by our objective mind along with our method of thinking.  As the Master Keys reminds us that “we must be before we can do; we can do only to the extent which we are, and what we are depends upon what we think.”  This insight is solidified by the vibrations of the mind- the most powerful mental force.  This awareness is only secured when the mind is continuously concentrating in a given direction or in this case getting rid of the negative force and replacing it with a positive blueprint.

The last process is creating harmony in our world within that produces congruous, agreeable surrounding, and the best of everything.  Harmony generates the ability to control our thoughts and calls the shots on how any experience is to affect us.  Harmony in our world within results in optimism and prosperity,which manifests itself in our everyday world.

As you discipline yourself by exercising these new actions you will find your chains breaking and finally experiencing the joy of overcoming.


Week 17– The Uniqueness of You

Holding your child after giving birth makes you see the wonders of life and the miracle that you have in your hands. You understand what OG. Mandino meant when he said,  “there is no one with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair, or my mouth.”  Each individual has their own physical uniqueness along with their accomplishments, their purpose, their style of communication, and their actions. Let’s discover these uniquenesses and see nature’s greatest miracle.

Sad to say our world makes a big deal out of our physical appearance. They seem to want everyone to be made from the same cookie cutter.  In order for you to fit into society you have to be a certain weight, be a certain height, have your hair  in a certain style, look like a movie star or a famous model.  We fail to appreciate each other just for the miracle we are.  We need to learn to love ourselves just the way we are, including our imperfections.

Our accomplishments are our special treasures that we hold dear to us, but may not be greatness to others.  An example of this is when I was  in my fifties, a friend and I decided to participate in walking a half marathon in Phoenix, Arizona. Our goal was not to have a fantastic score necessarily but to complete the race and cross the finish line in the allotted time limit.  We ended up with our best time and yes, we crossed the finish line triumphantly according to our eyes.  But to others, because we didn’t place in the top ten, our score would have been a laughing matter.

In scroll IV we are reminded that we were not placed on the earth by chance. Each of us are here for a purpose and that purpose is different for each individual. The key is that we continue to grow, to develop, to change, and to evolve into a unique creature of nature; an individual valued in all of their rarity.

Now what about the style of communication and how does this fit into our uniqueness?  Our style in communication is very important as it tells others where we come from by our accent, our vocabulary shows others if we have gone through extended education, and it even displays our manners, which  attracts others to us.  Good communication with the general public opens a vast opportunity and sets us on the path of success.  It allows others to respect, trust, and value what you have to say.  It edifies your knowledge, your experience in life, and your leadership abilities.

Your actions can identify your whole being. Have you ever seen someone in the distance and could recognize the person by the way they walked?  Your actions on any given situation manifest your presuppositions.  Your actions speak louder than words.  Your actions are the proof of your communications.

So celebrate your uniqueness, for it is an asset to be promoted to the fullest.  Display your uniqueness wherever you go as there isn’t anyone like you.  After all you are a unique creature of nature.

Week 16– The Barriers of Growth

Have you ever wondered why people are so afraid to experience growth?  In this blog let’s canvass four main barriers:  (1) a Conditional or Reciprocal Action, (2) the Process of Difficulties/Obstacles, (3) the Mathematical Exact Proposition, and (4) the Universal Thought Process.

In the Master Keys we discover that “Growth” is attained through an exchange of the old blueprint or thought for the new game plan.  It is also a conditional or reciprocal action which allows us to receive, only as we give.  The difficulty in this process is letting go of our old blueprint.  We have become so conditioned to the way we run things that even if it isn’t flourishing, it is something we are accustomed to.  Thus, the reciprocal action is to put growth aside for later or if everything in your life is crumbling.  There seems to be no preventative measures as we tenaciously grip to what we have.

The second barrier is the Process of Difficulties/Obstacles.  We interpret all these situations as perplexing dilemmas.  We refuse to let go of things that are negative in our lives or things which we no longer need. Likewise we are hesitant to accept the new things that could benefit, or things which would promote new growth.  An example of this was the TV issue with my kids. The oldest kids would sneak around and watch the TV instead of doing their chores or focusing on their school work.  My husband got tired of this conflict and so boxed up all the TV components and locked them up in the shed.  The second set of kids were not raised with a TV in the home and therefore used this time for reading, playing board games, playing cards, doing crafts or playing with their action figures.  Their lives adapted without a TV; an item that wasn’t needed and that had created controversy in the home.  Often when an individual is facing this barrier, they think that every difficulty or obstacles is negative instead of looking at it like O.G, Mandino did as a great opportunity in disguise, with possibilities to promote character and growth.

The third barrier is the Mathematical Exact Proposition which deals with the concept of whatever we reap is what we have sown. We gain permanent strength from the fervent effort and hard work that we have put into overcoming difficulties. Did we quit once things started to get challenging or formidable?  Or have we been persistent until mastery has overcome the struggle?

Lastly what is involved in the Universal Thought Process?  It is realizing that thought is a spiritual activity and that it will not create anything unless it is systematically and constructively directed.  Every idea, imagination, dream, or thought comes to us by the Law of Attraction.  This thought is germinated by love, which imparts vitality along with the necessary material for growth and maturity.

Growth demands that we exert the greatest degree of attraction that is in harmony and in one accord with our being.  This means entertaining only desirable thoughts which will express themselves in visible form, and crystallize into results that will be to the individual’s advantage.

Growth is not something to fear, shy away from, or hide from. Growth is the creative power that unlocks the barriers, and changes the individual into a master of destiny.    So go for it my friend; open your eyes to the growth that is crying out to be released.