Week 18–The Recipe To Obtain The Things You Desire

Just as when you bake or prepare a new dish for dinner, a “recipe” is a tool to be successful in your endeavors and is needed to obtain the things you desire.  The four ingredients needed in this recipe are:  (1) original thoughts, (2) the Law of Attraction, (3) the power of giving, and (4) giving your self-permission.

Let’s add our first ingredient into the bowl of life: original thoughts.  Original thoughts are creative and are around the things you desire.  The thoughts come from our subconscious.  They are the blueprint of our principles and our ambitions.  Just like our heart, the subconscious never sleeps. By stating specific deeds to be accomplished; forces are set in motion that lead to our desires. Besides the subconscious awareness, the process of visualization, where you see the picture of your dreams come next. You see the details beginning to unfold, the ways and means for bringing your visions into reality.  It is also essential to hold in your mind the next step necessary for your aspiration to continue to evolve.

Now let’s stir in the Law of Attraction.   The Law of Attraction isn’t bringing the things you should like, the things you wish for, or what someone else has designed for you.  The Law of Attraction brings us things we have created by our own thought processes. We have to concentrate on the things we desire.  By learning the simple process of governing our thought forces, we help create the events that will occur in our lives in the future.  Educated desire is the most influential means of bringing into action the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is like baking powder which activates the other ingredients making a delightful treat, and  is a creative force behind every manifestation.  Everything we get comes to us by the Law of Attraction. An example of this is when we think of a kindness that we want to show someone else.   The kindness can’t be executed if the subconscious is having a melt-down.  The subconscious has to go through a conversion in which the material needed for this kindness is  brought  by the Law of Attraction.

The next ingredient to add to the bowl of life is the power of giving, which is found within.  We can’t receive what we desire until we give to others.  The channel becomes blocked, stopping us from our endeavors.  Our effectiveness is contingent upon the proper use of the abilities already within us, which must be given to others according to their needs.  You will experience much pleasure in dispensing this joy without expectation of reciprocity because you know that you are in the dynamic flow of giving.  By giving, you too will receive.

Now let’s stir in the last ingredient, which is giving yourself permission to meet your “Future You” and to enjoy your desires.  My background was that I lived in a military household where my dad gave the orders and everyone else implemented the commands.  Dreaming, Visualizing and Thinking of your own personal desires never came into the picture very often.  I did things to please others, not to enhance myself, as this attitude had been instilled in me as selfishness. This week in several of my mediation sits I realized that I hadn’t given myself permission to meet my future me.  I hadn’t accepted the fact that it’s alright to dream, to dig deep at looking at my desires from a realistic perspective instead of a fairy tale.  I looked at my desires for the future and for now. I visualized what it would be like to have my desires met.  At that point I gave permission to myself to dream, to open the door to my desires, and to welcome my future me. This transformation is like finishing the recipe and enjoying the exotic dinner or the delicious warm peanut butter cookie.  Both items are enjoyable and satisfying because you’ve accomplished a great feat.

Copy this recipe my friend, start creating and savoring the things you desire.



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