Week 33–My Best Spent Dollar


My best spent dollar wasn’t on bubble gum, or even buying my favorite candy bar, it was investing in me.  A friend of mine named Sarah Dooley encouraged me to take an on-line class with her that could help me with my business and would inspire me as a person.  The class was only a dollar, but the impact it had on my life was worth thousands.

I had to get a Tweet account, a Word-Press account for my future blogs and fill out an application that was challenging.  I was required to state my feelings, to give my input, and opinions on various questions.  Several times I allowed myself to get frustrated and was ready to take the class another time, but Sarah was there to guide me each step of the way until the entire process had been completed and I hit “enter”.  Sarah would check each day to see if we got accepted and finally on the second day we found our names on the list to take the class.

It was scary but exciting at the same time. I was back in school again but it was so much better.  Every Sunday there was a webinar which began to open my eyes to what my desires were and dreams.  I discovered and wrote what my Definite Major Purpose was, at least for the time being.   I began to revamp my negative habits and replace them with positive affirmations along with using the “mental diet program” to help to decrease my critical attitude about myself.  The class required 3 to 4 hours of reading each day, unless you were a speed reader. All the time I had to remind myself that change requires work, it doesn’t come free.  For me, I had to read the material each day, contemplating its gems, and see where it fit into my life. By reading the Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandino & the Master Keys each day my eyes were open to tools to use that could continually reconstruct my inner self. It helped build my confidence to overcome my fears, and inspired me to take risk in my new “Hero’s Journey”. The skills that I learned from the readings broke the hard shell I had built around myself and allowed me to unbury my personal treasures such as; my dreams, my aspirations, my wants, and my creative thoughts.

Hooray!  The class had no tests, just a weekly blog, weekly tweeting, and weekly comments on 3 to 5 other blogs from other students.  Developing my old writing skills rekindled my excitement for being an ongoing learner.

Another assignment that was inspirational was designing my “Dream Board”.  We were to use key points from our DMP along with other desires that we wanted to manifest.  We were able to put pictures on it or do any creative thing that popped into our thoughts.  We had to include the tentative date that the desire was to be accomplished.  It was very enjoyable and made the DMP become more alive.

There were many other aspects involved in my beginning the transformation and process of learning how to leverage harmony within and without.  I had to learn how to love the gal in the mirror and the future me. I had to learn to let my love and kindness over flow onto others. I had to accept the concert of awareness that is renewed each day and is the touchstone of growth.

My gratitudes flow out to Mark, Davene and their staff who created this amazing class.  Also for Sarah Dooley who is persistent, caring, and never gave up on me.

In closing, was my dollar a worthwhile investment? I would say, yes without a doubt.  Anne Frank said a quote that summarizes just a fraction of my great experience: “Everyone has inside them a piece of good news.  The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is.”  By undergoing the Master Keys experience you open the door to discovering you and to engage in a journey that is miraculous.


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