MKE WEEK 12- What is Needed to Give Thought its Dynamic Power?

  Have you ever wondered what is needed to give thought its dynamic power? According to the Master Keys this question can be deciphered in five basic principles:

(1) the importance of clarity of thought, (2) the brain cells needed for thought, (3) understanding the Natural Laws, (4) the Law of Attraction, and (5) personal application of the principles.

        The first principle is the importance of clarity of thought.  Your thoughts must be sharp, clear-cut, definite, and concrete in what you want or your desire.  You can’t have one thought one second, another thought the next second, and a third thought the second after that.  Having scattered thoughts will cause a lack of focus and your results will be meaningless and chaotic.  They also will drain your passion which helps make your thoughts and desires become a reality.  Thought is omnipotent and has the power to draw from the infinite bank of resources and thus your resources are at your command.  If your thoughts are based on deep concentration and the exclusion of all other thoughts, you’ll discover the attraction of other thoughts which are in harmony with yours.  You will grasp the full significance upon what you’re concentrating.  By expressing your concrete thought, you turn on the energy and it pushes more quickly throughout the universe; it embeds in your mind, which is creative.

     The second principle which is needed to give thought its dynamic power is man’s urgency to first create the tools or implement from which he gains the power of thought. The mind can’t comprehend an entirely new thought until a vibratory brain cell has been prepared to receive the thought. This is why it is so difficult for individuals to receive or appreciate a new thought because we have no brain cells capable of receiving it and thus, we don’t believe it.   Creating the necessary brain cells enables you to comprehend the unlimited power which are yours, as long as you cooperate with the Natural Law.  Thought sets the brain cells in action.

     The third principle is understanding the Natural Laws, which is achieved by concentration or attention.  The intention governs the attention.  Power comes through inactivity, quietness, developing a peaceful spirit which connects you with the omnipotent power of the subconscious mind from which all power evolves. Through recognition of Natural Laws, thought annihilates time and space, to soar in the air and even can make iron float.  The greater the intellectual thought permeates all things the more the individual will be able to recognize Natural Laws and the greater will be the power of thought.  All Natural Laws are irresistible, and operate with mathematical exactness.  When you come to an understanding of Natural Laws the reward of this understanding is a conscious realization of your ability to align your thought with the omnipresent or the Universal thought.

     The fourth principle is the Law of Attraction, which is another name for the Law of Love. This is the attractive magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together.  This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances. This law gives thought the dynamic power to connect with any object in the universe and to master every adverse human experience. There is no way to get away from the Law of Attraction. It is a feeling that imparts vitality to thought, feelings in desire and desire in love.  Thought impregnated with love becomes powerful.

     The last principle is the personal application of the dynamic power given in thought.  Man has believed for ages that there must be some personal entity who responds to their petitions, desires, and manipulates events in order to comply with their requests.  You must make the application by fertilizing the thought with a living purpose.  People also realized that unless they used these principles, their thoughts would not experience this dynamic power, nor would they keep going forward, making progress, or maintaining success.

     Now that you are aware of these principles, let’s commit to using them so that these great resources can be used to benefit our lives.



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