MKE Week 15- A New Way to Look at Obstacles

Have you ever wondered about the obstacles that come to block your way? Let’s look at the why of obstacles, the purpose of obstacles, and the nine reasons to love obstacles in your life.

The why of obstacles as the “Master Keys” explains it indicates that we are either refusing to give up what we no longer need in our lives because we are content & use to our old nature; or refusing to accept what we require for our growth because this might mean a change or more effort on our part. According to Tony Fahkry the why of obstacles would be to illuminate the path to success by exposing us to challenges in which to overcome, thus ensuring victory is attainable. Obstacles are goal posts leading you toward goal achievement. Obstacles compel you to turn your weaknesses into strength instead of cowering from them. Obstacles exist, not to be surrendered to, but to be overcome, for in overcoming we gain the inner conviction and resilience to succeed. Obstacles develop mental fortitude and emotional growth.

The purpose of obstacles is to develop the ability to appropriate what we require for our growth. The greater our ability to know what we require, the more certain we are to attract what we need. Thus, no obstacles may reach us except what is necessary for our growth. The obstacles that come to us do so for our benefit. These obstacles will continue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials of further growth. We gain permanent strength to the extent of the effort required to overcome the obstacle. Obstacles are great opportunities in disguise. With each victory the next obstacle becomes less difficult.

Lastly, the nine reasons to love obstacles in your life by Matthew Trinetti.  First, obstacles show us who we really are. For example, when you feel obstacles like loneliness, sadness, heart break, it forces you to feel these things and expose your core and by doing this you can begin dealing with them. Second, obstacles instruct us on what we need to do next. They are like neon signs that literally spell out what we must do. Obstacles reveal the parts within us that need fine-tuning. They show us the things inhibiting our own growth. Third, obstacles make us tougher. They give us a chance to practice courage—courage to improve our situation, our world, and ourselves.  Fourth, obstacles help us focus on what’s important. When we don’t know what’s important to us we can’t tell the difference between the obstacles worthy of our time.  Fifth, obstacles make us more creative. When we are facing an obstacle that is gigantic, and it feels like all is lost. We can give up or use the obstacles to help us stretch our creative muscles. Sixth, obstacles help us find meaning to our lives. For example, President Lincoln learned how to find meaning in his inner turmoil by focusing his efforts outward by uniting out nation and finding relief in a cause bigger than himself or his personal struggle. Seventh, obstacles remind us that the deepest meaning is found outside of ourselves. We need to stop peering so intensely at our own problems and look at ways to help the world around us. Eighth, obstacles give us the opportunity to change our lives for the better. They help you reason your existence and is so doing provides a window of opportunity to make a change in your life. Ninth, obstacles can give us inner peace by teaching us that the thing we have control over is our reaction and the power to place ourselves in harmony which demonstrates a life of peace and happiness. Along with inner peace obstacles can help us acquire wisdom and spiritual growth.

Obstacles, as you’ve discovered, are implements that help to make and weave the threads which carry out the pattern of our dreams, goals, and desires. It enables us to understand the possibilities in any undertaking. Michael Jordan once said, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around & give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it”. Obstacles build resilience and fortitude which keeps you on the path of success & happiness. So don’t dread obstacles, but receive them as gems in building your life.


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