Often when I’m given a task to do I focus on the task, or the opportunity that it will give me in disguise. In this blog let’s look at the benefits you can have by expressing “No Opinions”.

First let’s look at what happens when your opinion is refrained from being expressed on a topic that is thrown out by a small group. Since you don’t give an opinion, but others can, the topic is debated, tested, and discussed in depth by the group. The topic becomes stronger because everyone buys into it and it becomes a group decision not your opinion.

Second, it gives the opinion a chance to develop into a meaningful discussion where input can be presented on a level playing field at the right time.

Third, by not stating your opinion, it gives others a chance to state the purpose, the outcome of the discussion, and what they can expect from the session.

Fourth, by not giving your opinion you can begin to understand other people’s point of view.

Fifth, by having no opinion it helps develop listening skills and makes others feel important because you are taking the time to listen. By focusing on what a person is saying you can learn when someone is going off on a tangent and you are more apt to keep an open mind.

Sixth, by not giving an opinion you’ve acknowledged that all opinions are attachments to things that interest you. Instead of stating your opinion on a topic for example, you can say something like this—I enjoyed watching the World Series what do you think about the games?

Lastly, by not stating your opinion you develop your skills in observing not only others, but your world around you. Learning to shut off opinions both verbally and mentally, you move away from your associative memory to the frontal lobe of your brain. You become less stressed and not so egotistic. So, get rid of expressing your opinions and celebrate no longer being the noise.



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