MKE 2018 Lesson 9— How to Change Yourself?

Have you ever wondered how to change? People have all sorts of ideas, but let’s focus on three: (1) how to change conditions, (2) the power of positive thought, and (3) the importance of knowing the Truth. Once these three components fit into your puzzle the end result is a changed you.

If you want to change conditions, you have to change yourself. You must analyze your whims, your wishes, your fancies, your ambitions, your dreams and focus on your inner world. Think about the thoughts that bring you to a place of joy. Decide how you choose to live and what’s healthy for you. Hold in your mind the condition you desire; affirm it as an already existing fact. This indicates the value of a powerful affirmation. For example, “I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy.” (Charles Haanel) By using the Law of Practice and the Law of Growth—constantly repeating the affirmation it becomes a part of you and it begins to change you into what you want to be. The Law of Growth kicks in because what you think about grows and what your forget about atrophies. Character is a part of you that is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort, determination, and fortitude. If you are vacillating, lacking self- confidence or harassed by thoughts of fear remember the universal principle which says, “two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time”. Your remedy is to use the Law of Substitution replacing the above thoughts with thoughts of courage, power, self-reliance, confidence, and belief that you can change your character, which is yourself.

Another way to help change yourself is through changing your negative attitude by substituting the negative with positive thoughts. The positive thoughts will destroy the negative just like light destroys darkness.

Other helpful ways to get rid of negative thoughts, besides using the Law of Substitution, is doing yoga with calming background music. By refocusing your thoughts on your breathing, relaxing your body, and concentrating on your yoga stance this process helps to ease your mind and clear the negative thoughts away. Yoga also helps you focus on the now-the present moment which is the most important moment.

Next the importance of a simple smile. A smile changes your mood and relieves stress. A smile makes you feel happier and more positive as it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

Surround yourself with positive people when you’re stuck in a negative spiral. You might even need to call them to help you get things into a better perspective, to support you by positive comments or affirmations.

Don’t allow yourself to play the victim. You create your life so take responsibility. Taking responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for your situation and this includes yourself. Looking at the negative attitude or problem as an opportunity in disguise. By doing this it allows your negative attitude to be transformed into a greater benefit or something positive.

Next try singing—when you sing your negative thoughts seem to shift and singing provides stress relief.

Being grateful helps you appreciate what you already have and it vanishes your negative thoughts.

Read positive quotes and post them in key visual areas. Watch how reading them seems to dissolve your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Knowing the truth is a big ingredient to changing yourself. The truth is the underlying principle in every business or social relationship. It is a condition ahead of every right action. To know the truth, to be sure, to be confident gives such a satisfaction. It is the only solid ground in a world of unpredictability. To know the truth is to be in harmony, to be free, and to connect yourself with a power which will sweep away every kind of discord, fear, doubt, or error of any kind. Truth is mighty and will prevail.

Let’s look at what Roy T. Bennett said in his quote on change: “It’s never too late to change your life for the better. You don’t have to take huge steps to change your life. Making even the smallest changes to your daily routine makes a big difference to your life.”

Now that your eyes are open to a new perspective of how to change yourself, don’t let these concepts go dormant, but try them out. Be a part of the puzzle by fitting the pieces of change into it. The result will be a New You.


1 thought on “MKE 2018 Lesson 9— How to Change Yourself?

  1. Noel Robinson

    Nice selection of thoughts on how to change ourselves; each a treasure in itself, and each bringing insight and help in different ways. Several years ago I took Yoga classes. You are correct – they help you stay focused in the now… usually a difficult place to stay more than just briefly, but wow, what value it gives in return for the effort..



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