MKE 2018 Lesson 11—What Do You Truly Desire??

One of the first questions asked in the MKE class was, “what do you truly desire, and what are your dreams?” So, let’s look at what you truly desire by: (a) defining it, (b) observing some common desires and (c) what is the stipulation needed to be fulfilled before the desire can be manifested.

First let’s define what desire is? It often implies strong intention or aim, or starting a new life. It means to have a longing for, a wish, a want, a craving.

Now let’s move on to the common desires. Lisa Pearlman (BA in Psychology & a writer) along with Kathy Caprino (Women’s Success Coach, writer, and speaker) simply feel that people desire to perceive happiness through connecting to another human being. We want to belong, to be loved, to matter to someone. We want to be free of pain or suffering and to be healthy. We also need to be acquainted with our self, our inner needs, wants, dreams, and desires. If everything you’re searching for to make you happy remains outside of you, you’ll always be scrambling and chasing for it.

The next desire is for money. Perhaps not to be a millionaire, but more than enough to meet your needs, and to help others as needed. You need enough money to bring about the life experiences that will truly fulfill you. Also, it’s important if you want more money to understand the key principles and behaviors required to generate it.

The third common desire is dealing with freedom, which is having the freedom to find your true purpose, being lit up by the day to day experiences that invigorate you, doing what you want when you want to, and traveling anywhere you desire to go. To experience freedom you need to follow your own authentic values, beliefs, and build strong boundaries to protect yourself from what others will tell you is right for you or try to force on you. It up to you to forge your own path in life and work. It requires boldness and courage to make yourself your own highest authority. You need to stand up powerfully for what you want and believe in. You need to have the guts to go after it with undying passion and commitment.

The fourth desire is inner peace. Peace comes when you discover who you are and your unique purpose. We long for peace from noise, chatter, pressure, responsibilities, pain within our heads-the conflict, strain we inflict on ourselves every day to be better, stronger, smarter, prettier, thinner, be better parents, etc. Peace doesn’t come from being better at anything or even trying to figure things out. Peace is a practice that we need to cultivate and commit to. Peace will never fall into our laps, since we live in a chaotic world. We have to carve a space within ourselves and in our lives to bring forward the experience of peace.

The fifth desire is joy. Being able to step up to our highest potential and honoring the best visions for contributing to the world in a meaningful way does indeed pave the way for more joy. Serving others or helping financially is another way that can provide an inner joy.

The sixth desire is balance- balancing your needs, desires, and dreams while making enough money to have the benefits that you want is doable, when you clearly know what your top priorities are, and you defend and honor these priorities. Also, you need to make the right decisions that align with your top life priorities.

The Seventh desire is fulfillment, which can be defined as satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character. We have to live up to what we know is our highest and best potential if we are to experience fulfillment. Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone in order for us to become the person we dream to be. You may also have to leave some people, and relationships behind, basically the ones that don’t support you, to soar higher, and grow.

The eighth desire is confidence- we need to build our confidence by being around people who support us and believe in us without fail. We also need to give ourselves permission to believe in ourselves. Believe we can do it despite the evidence around us that say we aren’t ready to soar.

The last desire is passion. We need to overcome feeling of failure and negativity because of career setbacks. When you feel passionate about anything, you want to feel alive and feel there’s a reason for you being on this planet. Passion can be tapped when you allow yourself to believe that your life and your work mean something more than merely existing for a paycheck.

Now, what is the stipulation needed to be fulfilled before the desire can be manifested? First, you have to believe that your desire has already been fulfilled; its accomplishment will then follow. This is a fundamental principle that makes use of the creative power of thought by impressing the universe that the particular thing we desire is already an existing fact.

As you’ve discovered in this blog your desires depend on what you think and believe. You may select any desire you chose but you have to do what Mark 11:24 says, “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and he shall have them”.


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