MKE 2019- LESSON 15–The Importance of Words-Thoughts- and Insights

In this blog let’s look at the importance of words, thoughts and insights according to what the Master Keys teaches.

The importance of words are that they are the first manifestation of thought. It is with words that we express our thoughts, describe our feelings and paint the visualizations that appears in our minds. Words have invincible power that can persuade others, as well as ourselves to do the impossible. Words may become mental memories that are stored in vast cells of our brain. Words may delight our eyes as well as the ears. Words may contain all knowledge and are the records of the past along, with the hope of the future. Words are living messengers from which every human activity is born. The beauty of words consists in the beauty of thought. The words need to be put together carefully and exact in order, for accuracy to evolve and success to be manifest. Words can express love, kindness, and genuineness as well as hatred, lies and jealousy. Words are the key to so many new experiences and the essentials of further growth.

Thoughts are the attempts to express itself in visible form. Thoughts may lead to action of any kind. For example, if we wish desirable conditions, we need to entertain only desirable thoughts. If we wish to express abundance in our lives, we must concentrate on abundance only. Our thoughts must focus on nothings but constructive and harmonious language. This includes no profanity, nor negative thoughts or language which is not identified with our welfare. The power of thought consist in its vitality, for what then is a vital thought? A vital thought must have principle. For instance, there is a principle of mathematics. If you apply the principle correctly you can be certain of the results. There is a principle of health. Where there is health there will be no disease. There is a principle of truth. If truth is applied, then you can’t be deceived by error. Thus, thought containing principle is vital and contains life. It displaces the negative thought, which by nature can’t embrace vivaciousness.

Insight must be exercised so that our thoughts don’t contain what’s going around us and materialize into our lives. Insight is a faculty of the mind which enables us to examine facts and conditions at long ranges. It is like a human telescope; it enables us to understand the difficulties, as well as the possibilities in any circumstance. Insight also enables us to be prepared for the obstacles that life brings our way. By using insight, you can overcome challenges before they have any opportunity of causing difficulty. Insight enables us to plan for our advantage and turn our thoughts and focus in the right direction instead of into channels which can yield no benefits to us. Insight is essential for the development of any great achievement and with it you may enter, explore and possess any mental sphere of interest. Lastly insight is a product of the world within and is developed in the silence, by concentration.

Hopefully you’ve gained some added knowledge in the importance of words, thoughts and insights. Now when you need it, you can apply these gems to any situation. Good luck!


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