Week 26–Thanks for the Great Memories


As I flash back seven months ago to the person I was, then look at the person I am now, it is amazing to see the change. I’m the same person on the outside, but have gone through a transformation within.  I discovered my child- like inquisitiveness.  I reclaimed the ability to control my thoughts and to determine for myself how any experience is to affect me.  I began looking at my desires and giving myself permission to pursue my dreams; to substitute definite principles for uncertainties like distrust, fear, and a lack of believing in myself and my talents.  How did this change occur? I would say it is a process which evolved through these seven skills: (1) writing blogs, (2) learning about the subconscious & conscious minds, (3) how thoughts are the foundation to any inspirations, (4) writing my first Definite Major Purpose (DMP), (5)the  gems from the book called “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, (6) learning how to tweet, and (7) the importance of mediation or a time of silence.  I will briefly share my memories in hopes that it might inspire, motivate and encourage you to continuing your journey of life no matter what lovely age you are.

Blog writing was a new experience; learning how to set up the parameters, figure out what to write, cutting and pasting the document, along with adding pictures when appropriate.  Blog writing became a little easier each week and it soon became part of my weekly routine.

The second skill was learning about the conscious, or objective mind, along with the subconscious or subjective mind, which gave me a clearer picture of my thinking process. The conscious mind is reasoning will. It processes at a slow pace.  It can suggest either truth or error. It guards the subconscious mind from false impressions and negative forces that become destructive influences.  The subconscious seizes information by intuition. Its process is rapid and never slows down to sleep, any more than your heart. The subconscious mind is the seat of our principles and our aspirations.

The third skill was developing my thoughts and realizing their potential in creativeness along with action.  If your thought is constructive and harmonious then the result will be beneficial and successful. In order for your thought to be manifested, the first step is idealization. It is designing a plan by picturing your desires, your wants, and every detail needed to get the plan accomplished. Then comes the process of visualization.  You add to the picture that you created by more and more specific details, more thoughts that will lead to action, and action that will develop methods, which will take concrete form.

An example of this process was my 4th skill of learning how to write a Definite Major Purpose (DMP).  I literally had no clue what to write, but as I went through the steps, thoughts became clearer, and my DMP was born. My DMP had to be revised three times before it took on its final state and was ready for the subconscious to become aware of my desires and my inner adjustments.

The fifth skill that I had to acquire was the application of the scrolls found in the “Greatest Salesman in the World”.  The scrolls that made the most impacted on me were: “I greet this day with love in my heart”, “I persist until I succeed”, “I am nature’s greatest miracle”, “I live this day as if it is my last”, and “Today I shall be a master of my emotions”.  All of these scrolls encouraged me to realize how special I am, how each day is paramount, and not to be wasted. Also how mastering your mood through positive actions gives you control over your destiny.

The sixth skill was moving more into technology by learning how to “tweet”. It is enjoyable to do and is another way to make yourself known in the universe.

The last skill taught me the prominence of mediation and silence.  Being able to spend fifteen to thirty minutes by yourself, no distractions, excluding all thoughts except the ones which are associated with your purpose was enhancing in itself.  This experience brings such clarity, peace, and direction for the path that you are to follow. Expanding the time for a longer silence gave me a chance to do some spring cleaning and refurbished my mind with powerful insight.

These memories are skills which are the beginning of my new blueprint, my new thought process, my new way of creating my desires and destiny.  It’s a life-long journey with all sorts of adventure.   For after all, the best thing about memories is making them.


Week 25– The Three Keys to Managing Your weight


As we get older, our stressful lives give us less time to live healthy even though our waistline tells us we need to.  Let’s look at three keys to manage your weight and change this false assumption:  (1) short term fixes aren’t smart answers; (2) the importance of eating healthy, and (3) the importance of doing a variety of exercise.

Fad diets, extreme routines, starving yourself with juice cleanses, etc. are short term fixes that are not always the smart answer. They can also send your body out of balance.  You will find that these extremes will have the effect of weight loss, but only temporarily and when the weight comes back it will bring a few more pounds with it.

So what is the solution to the dilemma of managing your weight?  Let’s move on to the 2nd key which is examining the importance of eating healthy.  The healthy foods that form the foundation of a healthy diet would include: three servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which are low in calories. Next you need three servings daily of whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, or 100% wheat bread.  Protein  servings will be around 6 servings per day and can include items such as 3 servings of fatty fish such as (salmon, halibut, tilapia)per week, one serving of red meat per week, one serving of pork per week, and two servings of chicken or turkey.  Protein also comes from beans, nuts, and eggs.  Your daily consumption should be to intake 3 servings a day of low or nonfat milk, low fat cheeses (not processed cheese), Greek yogurt;  3 servings of fat group a day such as butter, avocados, nuts, seeds, cheese, sour cream, oil, and salad dressing.  Keep in mind that healthy foods still have calories, so portion control is definitely a key if you want to lose or maintain your weight.  Eating healthy not only makes food taste better but it can prevent the risk of type- 2 diabetics, cancer, lower blood pressure, and can improve blood cholesterol.  A healthy diet is also linked to a lower risk of other health issues including: strokes, dental cavities, and osteoporosis.  Eating healthy can help you feel your best by giving you energy and avoids the nutritional deficiency that saps your strength, causing fatigue along with mood swings and depression.

The last key objective in managing your weight is a diverse exercising program either at a gym or involved in various programs in the community such as line dancing, Yoga, Zumba, or exercising CD’s.  The key is to keep moving for a minimum of 40 to 60 minutes in order to get your heart rate up and your body burning fat.  You need to change your thinking of exercising as a chore, but rather a way to stir up you endorphins to keep everything functioning in good health.  As Laura Ramirez said, “Exercise should be fun, otherwise you won’t be consistent.” Cicero also felt exercise was important as he said, “It is exercise alone that supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigor.”  We must realize that exercise is a journey; not a destination or as Kenneth Cooper put it, “The reason he exercised is for the quality of life that he enjoyed.”

Managing your weight can be a struggle, but if we accept the challenge, acquire better nutrition, be consistent with our exercising program we will begin to see exciting changes in our life.  Two final quotes that summarize beautifully what I’ve tried to express: the first quote is by Jill Johnson when she say, “Living a healthy lifestyle will only deprive you of poor health, lethargy, and fat.” The second quote is by Julie Bishop and she says, “She believes that the best buy in public health today must be a combination of regular physical exercise and a healthy diet.”  Both women leave the final choice in our hands.  It is up to us to manage our weight so that we can live as long as possible, enjoy life to the fullest, and be the master of ourselves.


Week 24–A Day of Kindness


Kindness may be found at your home, at your church, at your work place, but in a hectic, bustling airport?  However, it is a wonderful sight to see.

Let’s begin with my episode of kindness which occurred on March 21st.  The kindness began with a simple card of thanks given to me by my girlfriend, Janis. She expressed her thanks for a lovely week of fun.  We have been friends since second grade. The card was a nice surprise and reminded me once again how a card can put a smile on your face.

The next act of kindness was shown by my other girlfriend, Gayla, who dropped me off at the San Diego airport. She was very encouraging and reminded me that the morning’s challenge was something I could handle, since I use to teach Junior High students.  In spite of her positive statements I immediately ran into some difficulties, such as having to get my boarding passes and luggage tag via a machine. Since I am not very mechanically inclined, these machines became an annoyance and caused my anxiety to rise.  Luckily kindness came to my rescue in the form of a clerk who was stationed near by to help customers with any problems.  He helped plug in my ticket # and out popped one boarding pass instead of three. I asked him why the machine had only given me one pass and he said, “Don’t worry”, and that I could get the other boarding passes at LAX.  I wanted to discuss this problem with the customer service station, but there was a line and I was afraid that I might miss my flight.  The same clerk showed me more kindness by helping me with my luggage tag, but once again the tag was printed wrong and indicated that my luggage was not going to my final destination.  I asked the clerk if I was going to have to pick up my luggage in Portland and then put it on my flight to Redmond, Oregon.  He said, “Yes” but he never gave me other options.   I was extremely frustrated by this time and his kindness seemed to be in vain.

The next kindness was the gentleman at the TSA inspection as he put me to the head of the line since I was in the wrong lane and he had already checked my license and boarding pass.  TSA inspection went quickly and so I was off to the designated gate.

I sat down feeling very frustrated, but at least I was in the right place for my first flight to LAX.  I noticed a gate clerk at the gate where I was waiting for my flight. She was not busy.  I went over to her and told her about my dilemma and she just smiled at me and began to print off my other boarding passes and told me that she “had my back” and would print up a new luggage tag that would take my luggage to Redmond, Oregon where I had wanted it to go in the first place.  She was showering me with kindness and I gave her a big hug and said, “Thanks so much.”   She handed me my boarding passes and took off to exchange my luggage tag with the new one.  When she came back she reassured me that all went well, and that no worries she “had my back”.

The next kindness was from a gal that I met on the plane to LAX.  She shared her experiences of writing books, how to get them published, her experience of traveling to Paris, and she gave me her business card for future questions.  Since she had a two hour layover at the airport she helped me find where I could catch the bus to my terminal and then we said our good-byes.

Once I got to the proper terminal I had two more acts of kindness shown to me.  A gentleman who worked for Alaskan Airlines directed me where to go to find the correct terminal.  The problem was that in order for you to get there, you had to go through a maze and it was confusing for me since I am not able to visualize directions and had never experienced anything like that before.  He saw my confused look and escorted me to the tunnel which led to my terminal.  I thanked him and off I went.  While I was walking through the tunnel another kindness showed up: a lady who shuttled passengers from one spot to another offered me a ride.  I was thrilled and she took me to the end of the tunnel.  Now all I had to do was to climb the stairs and get the directions for my 2nd flight which another clerk showed me more kindness by graciously pointing the way.

Now I was off to Portland. Once there I found a clerk who showed me more kindness by looking up my last flight for the day and directing me where to go.

The next kindness for the day was my husband picking me up at the Redmond Airport and helping me find my luggage.  The luggage was the third suitcase that popped up on the carousel.  I was so thrilled to see it.

The final kindness for the day was my husband taking me out to dinner so that I didn’t have to cook.

Kindness can be found anywhere.  As Roy T. Bennett said, “A random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a tremendous impact on someone else’s life.”  This quote is so true and it was illustrated to me on March 21st.  Kindness is a gift of love so give it away every day; for after all, don’t we all need a little of that each day?

WEEK 23–What Makes Every Day a Happy Day?


Have you ever wondered what makes every day a happy day for some people, but not all people?  What’s the difference and how can everybody experience a happy day?  There are four key steps that are necessary to learn before you can experience that type of day.  The first step is learning how to control your emotions.  The next step is learning how to follow a daily battle plan.  The third step is being aware of forces that seem to want to tear you down, and lastly how to master your moods by positive actions.

Now let’s take a moment and observe our emotions and begin to understand how we utilize them.  Emotions continually change each day.  Yesterdays’ joy will turn into today’s sadness; yet today’s sadness will grow into tomorrow’s joy.   Our emotions are regulated by a figurative wheel inside of us that turns our sadness to joy, our exultation to depression, and our happiness to melancholy. Emotions are like flowers. Their sweet fragrance is for a limited time and their dead blossoms leave cherished seeds that become tomorrow’s joy.

The next step is learning how to follow a daily battle plan.  This is essential in order to prevent being apprehended by stimulus such as sadness, self-pity, and failure.  In Scroll VI of the Greatest Salesman in the World, OG Mandino conveys the exact battle plan to use in order to make every day a happy day. Here is the plan which needs to be read at the beginning of the day or whenever needed:  If you feel depressed then sing a favorite song.  If you feel sad find someone or something that can make you laugh.  If you feel sick get your mind off the illness by doubling your work load.  If you feel fearful jump at the opportunity saying to yourself “I can do it”.  If you feel inferior wear new garments or raise your arms in a “V” and say, “You can be what you want to be”. If you feel uncertain raise your voice with a positive affirmation. If you feel poverty then focus on the wealth to come.  If you feel incompetent remember your past successes.  If you feel insignificant remember your present and future goals.

The third step is being enlightened about various pressures that can rip your inner being a part such as; despair, sadness along with other people who belittle you and are involved in malicious talk.  These types of pressures are definitely not needed in your life and create a negative vibe.

The last step that is necessary to add to a happy day is to master one’s moods by positive actions.  Some examples of positive actions are:  smile at someone, count your blessings, give a compliment, do something kind by doing something nice for someone or a stranger, and treat yourself or a friend to a fun outing.

Having a happy day involves the steps that have been mentioned. Along with this, you personally need to make the choice that today is going to be a happy day, no matter what you may face.  Having a happy day is left in your hands.  It is your choice, so make it a happy day.

WEEK 22A–Silence is Golden

Have you ever been given a challenge and part of your brain was excited telling you to go for it, while the other part of your brain has started making up excuses on why you couldn’t do it, or why this idea was a foolish thought and needed to be trashed?   This was my dilemma about a week ago.   The challenge was to be silent for a minimum of one day up through five days.  To be silent meant to not listen to any music, no television, no cell phone usage at all (including no texting), no talking to your husband, children, or even any of your friends.  Since my kids are adults and have their own lives and it is only my husband, Jim, me, and our cat at home I thought, “How hard could this feat be?” The cool thing was that my husband was going to be busy on a photo  project the same weekend that I had planned to take the challenge. I talked with Jim about this idea and he felt it would be very interesting with me not having my cell and not being able to talk.  He felt that having quietness for three days would be wonderful.  He was agreeable to my plan but had some doubts on whether the adventure would be as beneficial as I had hoped.  He knew he could talk to me if he chose, but that I would not be responding back. The Silence would begin on Friday, and that my first day to talk again or to use my devices would be on Monday.  I was excited but a little apprehensive.

The big day finally arrived.   The first day, went fairly well as I woke up and followed my normal routine of reading the book called the “Greatest Salesman in the World”- Scroll 6, did my Bible reading, and added my Master Keys to the session in hopes of being enlightened by the manuscripts.  Jim said, “Good Morning” and asked me where my phone was. I pointed to it and he took it and placed it somewhere in his study.  He was showing his supportiveness by removing any temptation that I might have by removing the phone from my sight.   I bundled up in my jacket, stocking hat, gloves and went out for a walk among the trees.  It was snowing off and on but being out in nature helped me to clear my head and think of what I wanted to gain from this experience, while also getting some exercise.

A nice warm fire was burning and it drew me to the dining room table where my work station is and I began thinking about why I wanted to do this challenge.   I began writing questions down on note cards; one question per side of the card and leaving room for me to write the answer.  It was surprising how many questions started flying out of my head.   I wrote forty questions total; some came on the first day and the rest on the other two days.  Jim talked at me  periodically throughout the day regarding  how the project was coming along.  I made no comments but appreciated him sharing. He went outside to do some work.  After about 3 hours he came in and took a nap. I fixed dinner.  Since I couldn’t say, ”Honey dinner is ready”, I did the next best thing, I threw a pillow at him a couple of times.  I ate dinner in our bedroom since Jim turned on the TV.  After dinner was over, I took my question cards and mediated on a few of the cards, seeking answers.  Answers did come and so I wrote them down under the question.  I felt drained and went to bed.

I began the second day of Silence by reading the “Greatest Salesman in the World”. Jim came into the bedroom and he said, ”Good Morning”.   I  read my Bible, got dressed for the day, and went out to the garage to do some walking and reading of the Master Keys.  Once my reading was done, I came in and  mediated on the questions I had written for my Silence.  I did a lot of contemplation on the questions until answers started formulating in my thought process.  Jim went to Bend to do shopping.  This gave me about three hours of isolation time where my roaming thoughts could filter out things that were distractions, and my world within could dig deep to find the answers that my inner being was longing to discover.  To my surprise my husband had returned, which caused my focus to shift abruptly and before I realized it my words popped-“do you need my help?” Once spoken I immediately put my hand over my mouth to stop any other words coming out.  My old blueprint wanted to beat me up, to laugh at me, and to say,” I knew you couldn’t do it.” My new blueprint encouraged me to continue on as if the mistake hadn’t happened.  That is what I chose to do.  I put the groceries up in silence, made dinner in silence, and everything seemed to be back into the mode of silence again.  My husband went to bed early, while I had a 30 minute sit in the dining room, concentrating again on my question cards and trying to discern answers to the questions that had no answers yet.  After that I was ready for bed.

My third day was a new day and I was thanking for it.  I did my reading of “Greatest Salesman in the World”, my Bible reading, and my Master Keys.  My husband showed his kindness by making me breakfast which was really appreciated even though I couldn’t talk.  He went back to his photo project and I went out for a walk. The snow was softly falling and it was so beautiful to watch.  After I walked about four miles I came in for a “thought settlement”, which is bringing together the ideas of the day and interweaving them into the responses needed for the questions.  After dinner and the dishes were done I  then relaxed for a three hour mediation about the questions I still needed answers for.  Answers did begin to flow, but I still have about ten questions to figure out.

What you might be wondering is what did I learn through the silence? The silence was amazing and it helped to clear up some of my haziness in my Hero’s Journey.  The silence gave me time to really concentrate on finding the answers to my questions, which I had suppressed in my mind.   I also realized that my words begin in my thoughts and in my dreams.  An example was one night I had thought- “Good night, honey” but caught myself before my words popped out.  I also had a dream about words.

Even though my silence was not perfect, it was definitely a “Golden Experience”.  It was a challenge that I am thankful I took and would encourage others to take also.

Week 22–The New Cure for Diseases

When we look at our life it is easier to put the blame on others or the genetic characteristics given to us from our parents, instead of realizing that our present personality, our circumstances, our  competence, our present state of affairs are all the result of  our past behavior patterns of thinking.  Let’s examine our method of thinking by analyzing the life processes, the why of diseases, and the new cure for diseases.

The life processes are perpetuated by two distinct methods; first the absorption and utilization of nutritive material necessary for constructing cells. Second is the separating and eliminating the waste material.  All life is predicated upon these activities especially since the only prerequisite for the construction of cells are food, water, and air.  However, strange as it may seem, the causes of most diseases develop from the destructive activity of getting rid of waste material in our body.  The waste material saturates the tissues, which creates autointoxication.

Now let’s move on to the why of diseases?  We’ve learned in the Master Keys that every thought produces an impression on the mind.  Every impression is a seed which will sink into the subconscious and form a habit.  The habit will captivate other similar thoughts and these thoughts will multiply.  If the thoughts contain manifestations of fear, worry, anxiety, jealousy, hatred or similar feelings, then the by product will be sickness, inner decay, weakness, feeble immune systems, forms of inflammation, paralysis, nervousness and other chronic ailments.  Thus thoughts play a big role in the state of our health.

So what is this new cure or the healing of diseases?   The healing process is to increase the distribution of vital energy throughout the body.  This can only be done by discarding negative or destructive thoughts.  These destructive thoughts tear down the effectiveness of the glands which control excretion and elimination of poisonous waste matter.

Thus, the way to health is founded through the law of vibration which is the basis of all science and is the law that executes the mind to maneuver the body. Every mental action is a vibration, which when you change the rate of it, you change the nature of its quality and form.  By converting the vibration we endorse any condition that we desire to manifest in our bodies.  It is important for us to be aware of what produces pleasant vibrations and also know the causes which produce the undesirable vibrations.  By acquiring this knowledge and making sure our thoughts are uplifting, constructive, courageous, or any other worthwhile actions, we can set in motion vibrations which will bring about positive outcomes.

Another effective remedy for any physical condition would be the law governing visualization.  Basically, it is making a mental image of physical perfection until it is consumed by the consciousness.  By using this technique, chronic ailments can be eliminated in a few weeks.

The last cure for diseases is realizing the power which the mind possesses over the body, along with the art or science of mental healing, better known as Mental Therapeutics.  Here are a few examples of how your mind does have control over your body: Someone shares with you that their dog got run over by a car; your thoughts immediately flash back when your dog died and your eyes fill with tears. This shows that thoughts control the glands of your body.  Another example is when I broke my arm one Christmas day while skating.  The doctor may set the bone but can’t weld the parts together.  Your subconscious mind however, will immediately begin the process of welding the parts together and in about six to eight weeks later your arm will be whole again.  The  Mental Therapeutics deal with the principles of the law of substitution which replaces negative thoughts with feelings of joy, hope, faith, and love.  It teaches the individual various tools to help calm the mind along with other helpful techniques to rid the various ailments that the individual is experiencing.

By placing yourself in harmony with Natural Law and using these suggestions, we can say this affirmation:

Today we can take control over our destiny.

Today we can make new choices.

Today we can accept the new cure for diseases.

Week 21– The Killers of Time

O.G. Mandino in scroll 5 shares the hazards of the “killers of time”.  Let’s zero in on these snipers, see how they utilize their resources in our lives and how we can terminate their future endeavors.

The first “killer of time” is procrastination. It is putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.  An example is doing the weekly blog.  It is so easy to have distractions pulling you away from focusing on the assignment.   Often we make an excuse that we are “multi-tasking”.  However your brain is going crazy if this is actually true. You’re forcing your brain to spend time and effort loading and reloading content over and over again. That’s why it’s possible to spend an entire day multi-tasking but get nothing accomplished.  You feel exhausted because you’ve used all of your brain energy switching instead of making progress in your daily goals.  Whatever you don’t finish you procrastinate to the next day.

The next “killer of time” is doubt.  Doubt is being uncertain about a situation, questioning or hesitating to believe, distrusting the nature of something or feeling uncertainty about the truth.  When these doubts storm your brain they slow up production, create a blockage to team effort, and can initiate anxiety.

The last “killer of time” is fear.  Fear is something that causes feelings of dread, an anticipation that something unpleasant might occur, or your own personal self-talk trying to convince you that you can’t do something.  Fear cripples your self-esteem and confidence, which destroys the reality that you can be successful.

Now let’s look at how we can eliminate those “killers of time”.  Procrastination can be destroyed by building the individual’s focus.  There are several ways to build your focus.  First, re-commit to your tasks by creating some sort of reward system that binds you to finish the task before you get started.  There are programs on the internet that visually show you the importance of doing a given task.  You need to write down what you want to get done in a realistic amount of time.  Then set a timer for the given time and turn your assignment into a game, where you are competing against the timer.  Eliminate your ability to do anything else during the set time but that task.  Remove anything that might distract you from dong this task.  Block your various websites while you are focusing on the task at hand.  Turn off the T.V. or any misleading music that could get your mind thinking on other thoughts.  Use a distraction sheet where you write down what is distracting you.  This helps you get back into your work and your brain begins to refocus.  Practice mediation once a day for training your mind to focus on your breathing.  Once you’ve mastered this technique you can then move on to other things to focus on.   Next inform your family that when you are in your office with a sign on the door saying “study time”, you are not to be interrupted, visited by other people who might want you to do things for them, or to give you your cell phone to answer a call.  You have to rule your mind or your mind will rule you.  Once your focus is in check then your procrastination habit will gradually disappear and you’ll replace it with action, which is performance along with completing accomplishments.

Doubt is buried under faith.  In order to remove the doubt habit you need to predicate positive affirmations.  You do this by putting the affirmations on note cards and post them in visible spots throughout your house.  You need to associate with only positive people; ones that will build and support your efforts.  As your faith and confidence is formulated, your doubt will liquidate.

Fear is dismembered with confidence.  Confidence is built by being successful, not merely by an accumulation of riches, but through  formulating  ideas.  An idea that will spark the individual’s interest and is something that he is willing to strive for; becomes his passion, a definite fixed purpose.  Through this process, crippling fears get erased and confidence expands by seeing the idea come to manifestation.

You have a choice of being complacent with the “killers of time” or waking up cherishing each hour of the day; knowing it can never be returned. Its value is beyond price.  Recognize too, the importance of pushing yourself beyond yesterday’s limits and being more prosperous is the key to fighting off the possible future “killers of time”.  Prove your love by figuring out what the person you intend to become would do next?