MKE 2019 LESSON 18 How to Attract More Zeal in Your Life?

In order to attract more zeal in your life perhaps we need to dig deep and look in the way we think as well as the energy that we give off. In this blog let’s look at our thoughts and some practical ways to attract more zeal into your life.

The importance of our thoughts in attracting zeal to your life is to recognize the intention of thought which is the energy that stimulates the law of attraction into operation and eventually manifests our thoughts, dreams and desires into abundance. Thoughts also are the creative force in designing your new blueprint and the end results produces the zeal that we seek.

Next, let’s look at some practical ways to attract zeal. First, limit your time with negative people or negative social media. Negativeness consumes any imaginative or visionary ideas. It is like a malignancy that destroys the good in you in order for it to multiply and grow. As Davida Rappaport said, “Once you get rid of the negative, unhealthy or toxic people in your life, the sooner you can feel happier and more positive.” Some TV shows and other social media has a similar toxic affect on you if it occupies most of your life. When you become more loving, kind, less selfish and more caring then you’ll discover that zeal has come back into your life.

Second, daily saying out loud two affirmations instead of giving into negative or venomous thoughts, which includes inappropriate language. Substitute your negative habits with positive or uplifting perceptions. Start filling your head with positive affirmations, uplifting music and vision boards that deals with your heart desires. These things shift your energy so you can change your thinking, become open to positivity and attract zeal.

Third, build a supportive network of friends or a group of people with a common goal who you can mastermind with. Ask yourself are your friends supportive of one another. Do you have each others back? Do you know that you have some friends or people to master mind with who you can count on when you’re going through storms or trying to figure out important issues? Having this support system in play is so vitalizing and it definitely bring zeal back into your life.

Fourth, the importance of being grateful is a key to attracting zeal into your life once again. One way to do this is to get a white chalk board and make a daily list of gratitudes. You can also use a journal to write down your 3 gratitudes daily,  two kindnesses that you’ve given to others or have observed that day and the highlight for the day. You can use the journal to reflect on the gifts that life did bring to you that day. You will find that your mood will elevate and your zeal will begin to grow.

Fifth, formulate a “Definite Major Purpose” paragraph. This is a paragraph that focuses on your dreams, desires, and wants. Each area then has goals in order to manifest them. As Hooper says, “By setting up specific personal goals, you can have a sense of purpose and direction, which will definitely attract new zeal.

Sixth, Work on being less judgmental. Nothing seems to drag you down and ruin your day quicker than judgmental eyes. Judging people is the opposite of being grateful. For example, don’t hate on whoever’s holding up traffic. It’s just not worth it and it makes zeal vanish.

Seventh, be as flexible as possible even when life isn’t going your way. Try to go with the flow. If you are easy to deal with, then you’ll start attracting people into your life who will resonate with that energy. Being more flexible and adaptable will attract more opportunities your way with more zeal.

I hope you’ve learned some helpful ideas to attract zeal back into your life, so you can enjoy benefits of it. Zeal is the spark that ignites your life and keeps it burning.


MKE 2019 LESSON 17HJ The Gifts that You Can Give to Others

Have you ever questioned how you can help others? You see the need and wonder what you have to offer. Let’s look at the gifts you do have and how they can be used.

As Thich Nhat Hanh said, “The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.” The first gift is the gift of your attention. So often we get distracted by sound, people, TV, video games, etc. and fail to see the need people have for others to give them their full attention. Giving our full attention means listening to them even if your cell phone goes off. It means giving the person eye contact when you are talking with them. It means asking questions and waiting for the answers not just jumping ahead or watching your watch. It means being present in this moment. It means focusing on the here and now, without our minds wandering into the future or thinking about what still needs to be done in the present. Give the gift of your full attention, so that others understand that they deserve it.

The second gift is the gift of kindness. Mark Twain expressed kindness like this, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Being thoughtful and showing kindness can really make a positive impact on people around you. By showing kindness it gives others the idea to show kindness back which makes the world a little nicer. It doesn’t always have to be a grand sweeping gesture, but small acts of kindness can melt the coldness of others too. Some examples of kindness which are meaningful and simple to do: open a door at the post office, help a neighbor with their grocery shopping, walk a friend’s dog, house sit, feed your neighbor’s animal or water their plants while they are on vacation, be polite by saying good morning or give people a warm smile, and give out compliments. Giving out kindness without expecting anything in return definitely makes you feel warm inside knowing that you are doing something nice for someone else.

The third gift is the gift of time. Rick Warren expresses his feeling this way about time, “Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time…” In a world that being busy is now the norm, giving your time to people makes a real difference. You can do this by scheduling time with friends or family members. It’s important however, to keep that time free for them. Another way is by making time to stop and talk with a neighbor or disconnecting yourself from the online world by spending uninterrupted time with a loved one.

The fourth gift is the gift of not judging. Learning how to listen to people in times of need without judging them is so essential in a world of craziness. We all have made mistakes, so why judge?

The fifth gift is the gift of a compliment. Leo Buscaglic expressed the importance of a compliment in this way, “Too often we under-estimate the power a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring; all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Giving compliments puts smiles on faces and makes both parties feel special. A well, aimed and earnest, compliment can have an immediate and positive impact on the receiver. Compliments can be related to the physical: new hairstyle, eyes, or be behavior based how well they did a presentation at a meeting or a training.

The sixth gift is the gift of forgiveness. When someone makes a mistake not making a huge deal of it but helping them to see how they can learn from it and move on. As Jesus told Peter in the parable of the ‘Unforgiving Servant’, “I do not say to you up to seven times to forgive someone but up to seventy-times seven.” Since Jesus was willing to forgive us, we need to give the gift of forgiveness to everyone who needs it.

The closing gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. Learning to love others without putting any conditions on it is probably a life long goal. It is something we give to people in parcels. As we grow and acquire more wisdom, we also increase our vulnerability to love more. Being able to give acceptance to others means spending time to know them, accepting their uniqueness and differences. Also Loving them for who they are without the necessity for them to change.

The gifts that you can give to others are many and what this blog shared is only a few. It is now up to you to decide which ones you want to give to others to improve the lives of those around you. It costs you very little, but the gifts have the potential to improve many lives significantly. So don’t keep your gifts to yourself but freely give them away and experience the joy of being a grateful giver.

MKE 2019 Lesson 17 What are Some Roadblocks Interfering with Achieving Your Dreams and Some Solutions to Overcome them?

Achieving your dreams takes courage, persistence, determination and commitment. But, even when you possess these virtues there still seems to be roadblocks in your aspirations. In this blog let’s look at the roadblocks that can interfere with your dreams along with some solutions to overcome the blockage.

Tanuja Ramchal (a transformer coach, helping individuals achieve personal freedom) identified five indicators that cause us to talk ourselves out of pursuing our dreams. The first indicator is when you compare yourself to others. Looking around to see if someone already is doing what you want to do. By comparing yourself to where they are and wondering how you can compete with them, you begin to doubt your dreams and fear seems to creep in. Then your self-talk kicks in and reminds you that you’re not good enough or worthy of this new adventure. The second indicator is perfectionism. Do you feel you have to have it all figured out and your blueprint perfect before you take a risk? This allows time to fly by. You become bored, stagnant, and experience no growth which in turn reinforces overthinking and anxiety. If perfectionism is your only standard, then you have no standard and you’re living in a Utopia. The third indicator is caring about what others think. Since childhood, do you find the need of approval and avoiding rejection a necessity in order for you to move forward? By tying your self-worth to what other people think just sets you up for disappointment and forgoing what matters most to you, which is doing things you believe that make you happy. When you let go of this need to please others, you’re free to be yourself and not pretend to be someone else. The fourth indicator is the fear of failure. It is your comfort zone of protection. It keeps you out of danger and safe from taking a risk or associating with none supportive people. The problem with fear is that it puts negative thoughts in your head, brings up your insecurities and sabotages your dreams in hopes to stop this foolishness. The fifth indicator is that our society craves immediate gratification, but visions takes time to develop and formulate into a successful blueprint. Focusing on the entire movie picture of your dreams can feel immobilizing and can cause you to give up even before you begin. How will you gain the confidence and the financial support to succeed? The answer to this question is by accomplishing small goals one step at a time and never giving up.

Now let’s look at some solutions to tear down the roadblocks. Instead of comparing yourself to others, recognize that no one has your exact style, experience and knowledge which has led you to the path you’re on. Since the beginning of time never has there been another with your mind, heart, eyes, ears, hands, hair or mouth or can duplicate your brush strokes or handwriting. You are nature’s greatest miracle. There’s no one in the world who can be you better than you. Next, have a clear vision and understand what your desires and dreams truly are and what’s meaningful to you. Trying to be like someone else only makes you feel like a copy of a copy and not your true authentic self. Focus on developing yourself. You’re a work in progress. Compare yourself to a previous version of you and celebrate all the progress. When you think your dreams and desires need to be perfect, reflect on the thought that most decisions oscillate-vary between differing beliefs or opinions. You need to take some steps and adjust as needed to get to the results you want. When you find yourself caring about what others think, substitute that thought with the question, “What’s more important to you than the approval of other people?” You have to decide what matters most to you. Do your dreams mean more to you or other people’s opinions? Once your decision has been made then act on it. When you sense fear creeping in don’t take fear at face value. Examine the facts objectively. Is the worse case scenario really a possibility? If you succeed how does that affect your life? See failures as lessons that will only allow you to get better or as great opportunities in disguise. When you feel you’re getting impatient, focus on the next small step that will move you closer to your dream. Remember it’s the process that gets you to achieve your goal and the reward is in the journey. Recognize that confidence is built only by doing the work, learning from your mistakes and being persistent.

Achieving your dreams takes courage, determination, commitment and hard work. It’s a process and a journey that allows you to grow, accept challenges and discover the future you. As Henry David Thoreu once said, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” So, use the solutions, tear down the roadblocks and achieve your dreams. Remember, you’ve got this.

MKE 2019 LESSON 16–Spiritual Powers

You probably never realized that you inherently have since birth ten Spiritual powers. In this blog let’s look at the definition of Spiritual power, and then the ten Spiritual powers.

Spiritual Power is faith in a higher power, a consciousness, offering a sense of peace, contentment, confidence, and hope. When you are connected with this limitless loving energy you feel good, positive, and relaxed. This higher power is known by many names: God, Goddess, Buddha, Loving Energy of the Universe, the Great Mystery, Spirit Guide, Inner Self, True Self, and Creative Self. Spiritual power is an invisible force, abundant in nature, allowing for the betterment of all. The fastest & easiest way to nourish your spiritual connection is to recognize it in your daily life-with each breath you take. Notice this life force present in the flowers that grow from seeds to blossoms and then as they die, they transform into nourishment for other seeds to flourish. Be aware of your living planet and all it provides. See the stars that shine and become aware of your connection with all life.

Once you’ve experience this you become more aware of the Spiritual Power that lies in you. The first power that you have is your internal voice that serves as your inner guide and warns you when something isn’t right by making you feel uneasy or guilty. It is often called your gut instinct or intuition or even your conscience. The second power is your inner peace, which is the inner stillness inside each one of us. Once you find your inner place of peace you can go there to recharge whenever you like. The best way to discover this place within yourself is through mediation. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or interrupted. Perhaps put on tranquil music to get your mind relaxed and remove thoughts of stress from the day. Relax all muscles and use your hands to massage the tension through the tips of your fingers. Remember that there is power in solitude. Being out in nature and alone you’re able to think clearly and recharge yourself in the process. The third power is your ability to control your breathing. One of the best ways to relieve your nerves of stress is by taking deep long breaths. Doing this for 3 to 5 minutes relaxes your mind and calms your soul. When you’re calm you are able to face anything that stands in your way. The fourth power is your gaze, which is where you maintain eye contact with a person without blinking and without appearing aggressive. You can literally communicate a message to the other person through your eyes not using any words or sound. It is amazing. The fifth power is your ability to connect with others. Being able to reach out to your friends & loved ones by sensing their needs. For example, you can’t have one close friend unless you’re able to be one. Everybody needs a close friend to share the ups and downs of life. Masterminding with a friend can become your extra source of power. The sixth power is your capability to give. Some examples of giving are: kindness, your support, your love, your smile, and your labor. Doing things that benefit others is a great way of increasing your energy and building your Spiritual power. The seventh power is your ability to choose. This Spiritual power gives you the ability to start living the life you want. You don’t have to settle for things you don’t want. Nor do you have to base your dreams around what other people want for you. Don’t allow others to run your life. You are a self -directive thinker. You know what is best for you and what you want. As William Ernest Henley says, “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” Owning your power is liberating. The eighth power is your laugh. There’s power in your laugh and the more you share it with others, the stronger the power will become. A good laugh is actually good for your physical well-being. The ninth power is your ability to align with your higher self. Once you align yourself to this power by following the path intended for you; massive support will come your way. The Universe will open up more opportunities and provide you the help that you need. The tenth power is your creative juices which includes three steps: idealization, visualization and materialization. It is being able to see a thing that you want to create in its completeness. It is striving for higher & higher standards. Through our thoughts we build images of our growing conceptions of life. As in all things your ability to recognize what you want, and using your knowledge properly is the necessary conditions for attainment.

Frank F. Crow gives us a visual picture of Spiritual power in this quote, “Sometimes it feels like energy or electricity when it is moving in and through us, but Spiritual power is really a distinctive kind of knowledge that is like the key that opens the door or the switch that starts the energy moving.”

I hope that by defining what Spiritual power is, by realizing the types of Spiritual power you have had within you since birth and being able to visualize it has brought you to a closer realization of the superior Spiritual power that is in you. Please use it wisely.

MKE 2019- LESSON 15–The Importance of Words-Thoughts- and Insights

In this blog let’s look at the importance of words, thoughts and insights according to what the Master Keys teaches.

The importance of words are that they are the first manifestation of thought. It is with words that we express our thoughts, describe our feelings and paint the visualizations that appears in our minds. Words have invincible power that can persuade others, as well as ourselves to do the impossible. Words may become mental memories that are stored in vast cells of our brain. Words may delight our eyes as well as the ears. Words may contain all knowledge and are the records of the past along, with the hope of the future. Words are living messengers from which every human activity is born. The beauty of words consists in the beauty of thought. The words need to be put together carefully and exact in order, for accuracy to evolve and success to be manifest. Words can express love, kindness, and genuineness as well as hatred, lies and jealousy. Words are the key to so many new experiences and the essentials of further growth.

Thoughts are the attempts to express itself in visible form. Thoughts may lead to action of any kind. For example, if we wish desirable conditions, we need to entertain only desirable thoughts. If we wish to express abundance in our lives, we must concentrate on abundance only. Our thoughts must focus on nothings but constructive and harmonious language. This includes no profanity, nor negative thoughts or language which is not identified with our welfare. The power of thought consist in its vitality, for what then is a vital thought? A vital thought must have principle. For instance, there is a principle of mathematics. If you apply the principle correctly you can be certain of the results. There is a principle of health. Where there is health there will be no disease. There is a principle of truth. If truth is applied, then you can’t be deceived by error. Thus, thought containing principle is vital and contains life. It displaces the negative thought, which by nature can’t embrace vivaciousness.

Insight must be exercised so that our thoughts don’t contain what’s going around us and materialize into our lives. Insight is a faculty of the mind which enables us to examine facts and conditions at long ranges. It is like a human telescope; it enables us to understand the difficulties, as well as the possibilities in any circumstance. Insight also enables us to be prepared for the obstacles that life brings our way. By using insight, you can overcome challenges before they have any opportunity of causing difficulty. Insight enables us to plan for our advantage and turn our thoughts and focus in the right direction instead of into channels which can yield no benefits to us. Insight is essential for the development of any great achievement and with it you may enter, explore and possess any mental sphere of interest. Lastly insight is a product of the world within and is developed in the silence, by concentration.

Hopefully you’ve gained some added knowledge in the importance of words, thoughts and insights. Now when you need it, you can apply these gems to any situation. Good luck!

MKE 2018 Lesson 14 What You Can Learn From The Movie Called “WILD”

Have you ever done something that was wild, crazy, dangerous, bold and out of character, just to discover who you really are? This video was about a twenty-two year old girl named Cheryl Strayed who decided to walk the Pacific Crest Trial by herself with only a heavy back pack. She started from Mojave to Washington state. In this blog we are going to look at her challenges, her persistence, what her Definite Major Purpose was, her positive mental attitude, her plan of action, the masterminding with people, and what she learned by accomplishing the journey.

Cheryl’s challenges started with her perspective about the trip. Realizing that she had to walk 5 miles before she could set up her tent for the evening. After much effort she made it to her first stop and now had to put up her tent and make something to eat. Since she never had put up a tent before other than knowing how to put the poles in the right place to get the tent to pull up into a dome. This became a very frustrating but a rewarding experience. Her sleep was restful and her breakfast satisfied her hunger for the time being. She packed up and continued on with her journey. Her next challenge was removing her boot to massage her foot and the boot tumbled down the cliff and was not possible to retrieve. She lost her temper and threw her other boot down the slope. This deteriorate could have cause a normal person to go home but her persistence kicked in and she wrapped her feet with duck-tape and continued on. One of her big challenges was learning how to trust people along the way. Her first experience was with a farmer. She interrupted his plowing to asked him if he might have some food that he would be kind enough to share. He told her to wait and once he had finished this area, he would take her to his house. He did so but she was on her guard until she met his wife and experienced her hospitality by letting her shower & eat dinner with them. Her next experience was hitchhiking and being picked up by people who were doing drugs except for the driver. They took her to the village which helped her avoid the severe snow area. There she met a ranger who treated her with kindness, giving her food & some tea whereas the other gentlemen there got no special privileges. She had doubts whether his kindness was given with anticipation to get something from her in return. Another example of her challenges was running into two hunters that had run out of pure water to drink. She had just purified two bottles of water which she gave them in hopes that they would be on there way. They finally left and she exited that area quickly once she gathered more water. Each challenge taught her more persistence and determination that she was going to finish.

What was Cheryl’s definite major purpose in her journey? Her DMP was to walk 1000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. She was going to walk herself back to the woman that her mother thought she was. Her mother had died and her whole world crumbled at that time. She allowed men to have sex with her, she got pregnant, and was into drugs. She felt she had to dig herself out of the mess she was in. She felt she had to find herself again.

Cheryl’s positive mental attitude evolved through the journey. At first she reflected on everything that went wrong in her life, the doubts she had, the wrong choices that she made, the guilt she experienced, and the mistakes she was sorry for. At the end of the journey she acquired a positive mental attitude by realizing what the journey had shown her and the importance of forgiving herself, letting go of her past so that her new life could begin to grow.

Cheryl’s plan of action began by making a rash decision to embark on a challenging trek across the Pacific Crest Trail with absolutely no experience. She had a map, interactive guide book, backpack with supplies and a desire to do this adventure in three months.

Cheryl’s masterminding experience include three men and one woman who were vital for her journey. Paul (her ex-husband) helped her by encouraging letters along the journey with some money periodically. Amy was Cheryl’s best friend who would send her packages with supplies and boots. Greg was the first person she met along the trail. He was very positive, encouraging, and told her she could do this feat. He told her that the trail up the mountain had been snowed in and that there was no way she could get through the way she was heading. By taking a detour she could cut back to the trail once she past the snow blockage. She didn’t want to take the detour but realized that was the only option. Ed-was the guy at her first stop that befriended her and helped her to organize the backpack so that it wasn’t so heavy.

Lastly what were some of the things she learned by walking the trail. She realized that her mom gave up her power by doing what other people wanted her to do instead of doing what she wanted to do. She realized the importance of being a self-directive thinker. She had to live her life like she wanted not according to what others thought was best for her. She realized that problems don’t stay problems and that this too would pass. She had an opportunity to grieve her mother’s death and to acknowledge her pearls of wisdom by remembering what she had told her. “We’re always rich in love” and the importance of finding the best self”. She had a crying period. Being sorry for everything in her life that had gone wrong such as her drug habit and her sex relationships. She gave herself permission to let go of the past and move forward to new things in the future. Her journey helped her to see where she was going and experience self-discovery. The journey also developed tools for her to see people for who they are, develop better decision-making skills and cultivate persistence no matter what obstacle might come her way.

This video really was an eye opener and it just reinforced all the wonderful skills learned from the Master Key Experience. As Bob Moawad puts it so nicely, “The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on or blame. The gift is yours, it is an amazing journey and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.” Cheryl’s life began on the Pacific Crest Trail. Where does your life begin?

MKE Lesson 13–The Future You

Have you ever wondered what your “Future You” will be like? In this blog let’s look at: (a) who is the “future you”, (b) how you’re building your future self now. (c) What you want for your future you?

Who is the “future you”? Is it a person who has changed the way they behave, think and do so that others see them as a totally different person? The “future you” is a mirror image of you, except older, more gray hair and for some people a lot less weight.

According to Milena Rangelov (a researcher, engineer, and scientist) who has done study on the topic discovered our “future you” is being built at this very moment. When we think about it in that way it helps us to put our choices, actions, behaviors  and habits in the right perspective or in harmony with the world within. For example, feeling apathetic, not wanting to vacuum the house or even do anything but be a coach potato is a choice you might make if you are sad or depressed. Then you flash on your “future you” and realize that she would probably enjoy walking into a clean house. Using your water pick & going to the dentist is usually not something anyone gets charged up to do but then you think about your “future you” and you are sure she would appreciate healthy teeth instead of false teeth. Doing Zumba, getting all your muscles moving and your heart beating faster is necessary for weight loss and being more healthy,which I am sure your “future you” would benefit from by giving her more energy and no risk of sugar diabetes or extra weight to deal with. Being particular about what you eat, no GMO’s and eating organic foods as much as possible is important to become physically fit. I’m sure this would put a smile on your “future you”, knowing that she has been programmed to eat healthy. Remembering too that the seeds you are planting today will sprout for your “future you”. Another way to put it is the choices you make now definitely has an effect on your “future you”. The mess you make today, your “future you” will have to clean up or make radical changes. Everything you do now contributes to the new life and contentment of your “future you”.

Now what do you want for your “future you”? One way to look at this question is check out how your subconscious works on things for you every day. For example, your subconscious works on your dreams & desires by manifesting the resources for them when you need them. The subconscious weaves what you do daily to set your self up for success into your thought processes, through your definite major purpose and your personal pivotal needs. Maybe it is taking an on-line class called the Master Key Experience or joining a book club that stimulates your brain cells which is already creating the future you. Perhaps it is learning the habit of persistence and not giving up once you chose to begin something, which is a useful tool for the “future you”. Maybe learning you can do anything you put your mind to or you can be what you will to be, which are all great affirmations for your “future you” to grab hold of.
In closing is a poem by Dale Wimbrow, which gives us a visual of who our “future you” truly is. It is called The Gal in the Glass.
When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf and the world makes you Queen for a day. Then go to the mirror and look at yourself and see what that gal has to say.
For it isn’t your Father, Mother or Partner for life, whose judgement upon you must pass. The person whose verdict counts most in your life is the gal staring back from the glass.
She’s the gal to please, never mind all the rest. For she’s with you clear up to the end. You’ve passed your most dangerous and difficult test if the gal in the glass is your friend.
You may be like Jack Homer and “chisel” a plum and think you’re a wonderful gal. But the gal in the glass says you’re only a bum, if you can’t look her straight in the eye.
You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years and get pats on the back as you pass. But your final reward will be heartaches and tears if you’ve cheated the gal in the glass.

I hope through this blog you have realized the importance of your “future you” and that you will take care of you and love you as you grow to love her.