Press Release

My interview with Ellen DeGeneres

Well, my big day happened on June 16, 2028.   I was going to be interviewed by the famous Ellen DeGeneres at the Baur au Lac in Zurich Old Town, Switzerland.  It is located in its own private park in the heart of Zurich with views of Lake Zurich and the Alps.  It had elegant and luxurious rooms.  We decided to do the interview on the outdoor patio with green lawns, trees, and the Alps in the background.   My husband, my entire family of 5 kids, and their families all came to enjoy Switzerland. The family wanted to tour some of the sites that my husband and I once did in our year adventure.

The day was a beautiful Sunny and brisk day.  It was just cold enough for a hoody. We decided to eat lunch and interview during this time so things would be more natural and not draw a crowd.  The rest of my family was enjoying the sites of Zurich.

Ellen’s first question was what inspired me to fulfill my dreams.  I told her that it all began by taking an on-line class called Master Keys Master Mind Alliance.  That is was a seven month course teaching us new ways to think, dream, implement, and strategize how to fulfill our Definite Major Purpose. The course had writing assignments, weekly blogs, reading, reciting key information that was design to erase the old blueprint and replace it with a new one along with good habits. We had to design our own Definite Major Purpose essay which was revised weekly because the wording had to be perfect in order for the subconscious to begin the change process.  Each month we reciting 3 times a day a  different scroll  which came from the book called The Greatest Salesman in the world.  This book puts key concepts in a simple way and gives us new habits to replace the old ones with.  For only a habit can subdue another habit.  Each week we had to read the Master keys which was establishing the inner power that we have already, but never understood it nor knew how to control it.  Those that understand it are inspired by a new light, a new force, gain confidence and gain greater power each day. They realize their hopes and their dreams come true just like mine have. Life has a deeper, fuller, clearer meaning than before.

Ellen’s next question was what helped me to gain this new power?  The key for me was several things such as learning how to give permission to my mind to have the freedom to think, dream, and create new ideas to make me a better person. I had to sit 15-30 minutes a day learning first how to control movements in my body, then learning how to focus on thoughts that come in and out of my brain, and learning how to relax and let my body go. Also by reading the Master keys everyday each week my mind was open to how it processed the world around me and the world within.  I learned how the mind is made up of subconscious which makes all the decisions and perceives by intuition.  It processes rapidly. It is the seat of our principles and our aspirations.  The conscious mind is reasoning will and it processes slower than the subconscious. By learning these rich concepts I began the change process.

Ellen was amazed at what she was hearing and even mentioned that maybe she needed to take the class.  Her next question was how did this class help my business to grow and gain more momentum which increased the residual income?  The class inspired me to see the benefits of using media to add to my data base and to help advertise for various presentations such as the skin line called True Science. My business started expanding and my residual income  doubled and tripled in hardly any time.  Once my business became successful it allowed me to pay off my mortgage, set up a legacy trust for my grand kids, and allowed me and my husband to spend a year over in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. What an amazing trip that was as I explored my Irish roots and learned some history on the other countries.

I showed Ellen my pictures of my favorite three countries (Ireland , Switzerland and Italy).  She really thought my pictures were very professional and I had to agree that these pictures were my best.

The next question she asked me was about my two books that she had enjoyed reading both of them.  The math book really helped her God child with some of her questions that she had on basic skills.  She enjoyed the book called the Seasons of Marriage.  She felt it was a good resource book and made her see how to deal with the different seasons of her marriage instead of other books that just dealt with the first five years of marriage.

The next question that Ellen asked was what I did in Alaska?  I told her that I used the book called the Seasons of Marriage and spoke at a retreat for returning Veterans and spouses.  We had small group discussions, and we handled some areas of difficulties that they were having in their marriage.  Everyone that came to the retreat got a signed copy of my book.

The Last question was about the tutoring session with my math book. I shared that it was a great time especially when the kids brought their math problems that they were struggling with. I showed them what chapter dealt with their problem and together we began to go through various solutions until they understood the process.

After the interview was over (three hours later),the sun was setting and it was definitely a Kodak moment.  We shared a bottle of wine with some delicious cheese.

My grandkids arrived and of course had to get Ellen’s autograph and took our pictures.    It definitely was a memorable occasion and one I will always treasure. It was a great ending to my DMP and my MKMMA  class.  But maybe it is time for me to start the adventure all over again-adding to my new blueprint  and do another DMP. For after all I’ve seen my dreams become a reality and I want more of the golden Buddha.